About us

WorldCALL aims to enhance computer-assisted language teaching and learning in the global community by bringing educators from around the world together. As an international association, WorldCALL:

  • Provides a worldwide focus for the promulgation of innovative research, development and practice in the areas of Computer Assisted.
  • Language Learning (CALL) in education and training;
  • Enhances the opportunities for knowledge and skills transfer to those nations currently underserved in the areas of CALL; and
  • Serves as a forum for exchanging information and forging professional relationships among educators, researchers, and industry leaders across the world

Role of technology promoting a genuinely global perspective

As the world-wide organisation that is concerned with CALL in all of its manifestations technology enhanced language learning, network-based language learning, and information and communication technologies for language learning, WorldCALL is ideally placed to highlight the benefits of new technologies. It plays a leading role in providing a forum for: discussing the application of state-of-the-art technologies for language learning, developing the virtual classroom, supplying professional training and development for teachers and, significantly, giving developing countries, through sponsorship, the opportunity to project their culture worldwide and to become involved in the application of new technologies in language learning.

Equity and Access - WorldCALL scholarships program

In 2023, WorldCALL will continue its scholarships programme to enable postgraduate students and junior academics to attend the conference. The scholarships programme, first introduced in 1998, is a positive way in which WorldCALL brings the experiences of language professionals to colleagues working in developing nations. The exchange of ideas and experiences also promotes the development of international, informal human networks that bridge the gap between technologically advanced countries and those underserved in the areas of technology and CALL.